Check in with your individual therapist before going to a regularly scheduled appointment.
 We have been told to close our doors but be assured that we can stay in contact. 
Appointments by phone or by other remote methods are available and will be encouraged.


Miriam Center For Hope & Healing

We can provide a variety of treatment approaches beginning with skill-building, resource development, relaxation, and mindfulness-awareness. EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a psychotherapy method that is effective for resolving emotional difficulties caused by disturbing difficult or frightening life experiences. EMDR uses dual attention stimulation which refers to the use of alternating right-left tracking that may take the form of moving the eyes, music or other stimulation such as puppets, stories, and art. Progressive Counting is a similar treatment that uses visualization and distraction simultaneously to help the brain process upsetting memories. CBT is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is short term and goal-oriented therapy.